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Welcome to Eurofurence Online! Eurofurence Online is your ticket to experience Europe's biggest furry convention right from the comforts of your own home! EFO is an event by the staff of Eurofurence and partners to bring parts of our convention to your home for 2020. We are very thankful for the support we received to deliver a platform for the creativeness inside of our fandom Thank you Eurofurence 15 Staff! « previous next » Pages: [1] Go Down. Print; Author Topic: Thank you Eurofurence 15 Staff! (Read 5902 times) Duncan. Guest; Thank you Eurofurence 15 Staff! « on: 01.09.2009, 16:42:20 » I made it back to America safe and sound, and just wanted to say just how much I appreciated my time in Suhl and at the Hotel Ringberg. The convention ran extremely smooth. I.

Eurofurence e.V., gegründet 1998, ist der Veranstalter der jährlichen Eurofurence Convention, dem mit aktuell über 3400 Teilnehmern größten Treffen von Künstlern und Anhängern des Furry-Genre in Europa. Der Schwerpunkt der Convention liegt auf Vorträgen und Workshops zu den zahlreichen künstlerischen Betätigungsfeldern wie Comics, Filmen oder Kostümbau. Das Programm der aktuellen. This board contains official announcements posted by members of the Eurofurence board of directors and staff. Moderators: Cheetah, Nightfox, Loewi, Cairyn. 241 Posts. 211 Topics. Last post by o'wolf. in EF 26 moved to 2022. on 22.01.2021, 19:05:26

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A convention as big as Eurofurence can't simply grow without people committing some of their time and skills to it - people like you. Every now and then we are looking for creative people willing to volunteer, to help us with making Eurofurence the best possible experience for everyone! In case you find yourself addressed by one of the following job-offers, feel free to drop us a line. We will gladly have you aboard This is a one-hour long musicvideo about the whole Eurofurence 21, filmed and cut by me. It is dedicated to the Eurofurence Staff as a Thank you for making..

In addition to their mission, their primary focus is to ensure that all their animals receive the highest attainable standards of medical care and premium species specific diets. Their standards are exceptionally high and it all comes at a cost, as do the many hours of labour put in by our over 100 dedicated and animal loving staff Zahlreiche Teilnehmer der «Eurofurence» kamen am 17. August 2019 im Hotel Estrel zusammen. Bei der jährlich stattfindenden Convention treffen sich Menschen, die ein Faible für Fellkostüme haben The relationship between the hotel's staff and Eurofurence was also good, with some staff members voluntarily participating in convention events. The hotel's bartender, André Oppitz, was particularly liked by congoers and was even invited to Eurofurence 16 at its new location in Magdeburg. The convention had already outgrown the hotel the second year, requiring an overflow hotel down in. Eurofurence likes to present itself as a professional convention of friendly, respectful and open-minded members of the furry community and their friends. As a condition of membership, all Eurofurence attendees are required to abide by these rules of conduct for the entire duration of their stay, even prior to opening or after closing of the convention. When in doubt about any of these rules, please don't be afraid to ask - we will gladly answer all your questions. However, please understand. you like to volunteer to support Eurofurence there are logistic questions you have questions regarding the EF Lockerservice you have questions regarding the EF Helpdesk; you have any questions about our policies you want to bring along a weapon replica or any other unusual item and need it approved by the Security Cre

Staff Login We use cookies to ensure this website's functionality. Our cookies are not used for identification. If you continue using this site, we assume that you agree to this.. Eurofurence 26 — Welcome to Tortuga Estrel Congress Center Berlin July 28 - August 1, 2021. Home; Help; Search; Login; Register; The Eurofurence Forum; Eurofurence Information Announcements. This board contains official announcements posted by members of the Eurofurence board of directors and staff. Moderators: Cheetah, Nightfox, Loewi. Went back to Eurofurence in 2018 and I continue to find weird stuff Eurofurence staff: Eurofurence guests of honor: Eurofurence 12 (also known as Eurofurence XII) was a European furry convention that took place from 23 to 27 August 2006 at Nuremberg, Bavaria in Germany. A record 405 participants attended the event, which was again hosted at Nuremberg Castle. Contents. 1 Guest of Honor; 2 Trivia; 3 Staff; 4 Reference; 5 External links; Guest of Honor . The.

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Eurofurence is a large, public event that attracts substantial media coverage. If being exposed as an attendee of cartoon animal fan conventions poses a danger to your job, family, or your own well being, it is your own responsibility to decide whether attending is a wise choice or not TaniDaReal ist Teil der Eurofurence Staff/Orga (Charity Team, PawpetShow). In der Eurofurence pawpet show, DoPE, hat sie die Schneeleopardin Mika gespielt/gesprochen, in 2012 Vesonia (eine Polarfüchsin), und weitere Charaktere. Zudem war sie verantwortlich für das Set Design / Kulissen-Planung. Ihr Partner Nightfox und sie haben die Silvester.

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He is part of the Eurofurence Staff-Team and an active member of the Cologne_Fur-Dance e.V. Eurofurence . In 2009, after a few years as an attendee, he decided to join the Eurofurence staff and joined the Security Team at Eurofurence 15. There he harmonized the used radio-system within the security. [citation needed Active in Eurofurence staff as well. Very nice to talk to and can be critical in the good way. @Cubitus; BerkWolf Financial. A German black wolf from Stuttgart who can speak many languages if given cider. Wise and smart but loves to play tricks on people. @BerkWolf; Volunteer Help us make this party great! At this moment we have no open positions, please check later this year if you are still.

Eurofurence e.V., gegründet 1998, ist der Veranstalter der jährlichen Eurofurence Convention. Der Verein steht zudem auch anderen Treffen im Furry-Fandom mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Daneben ist der Verein satzungsgemäß zur Förderung anthropomorpher Künste verpflichtet. Er sieht sich in der Verantwortung zur Repräsentation des Furry-Fandoms in der Öffentlichkeit beizutragen. Zur Zeit hat. Core Staff. EuroFurence 1 was organised by Tes-Tui-H'ar and unci. Both are no longer involved with organising the convention. For Eurofurence 17 (2011), the core members of convention staff, and their areas of responsibility, are as follows, in no particular order: [1] Cheetah — Chairman, various jobs on and behind the stag Check Out Our Latest Offers and Find Yourself on Unmissable Bargain. Browse The Deals. Find & Compare The Top 5 Deals Exclusive For You. Choose The Best Deal & Save Big Staff Management software specifically for EF Java MIT 0 1 0 0 Updated May 11, 2019. ef-radiomanagement Radio management software for Eurofurence ConOps PHP MIT 1 1 0 0 Updated Aug 19, 2018. Stage-Squirrel Eurofurence Stage event planning / coordination software (electronic stage rider) HTML LGPL-3.0 3 0 5 1 Updated Jun 2, 2018. ef-app_react JavaScript 1 0 0 0 Updated Jul 20, 2017. retired.

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For Eurofurence 17 (2011), the core members of convention staff, and their areas of responsibility, are as follows, in no particular order: Cheetah — Chairman, various jobs on and behind the stage Nightfox — Vice Chairman, Consite Relations Loewi — Treasurer, Member of the Board BigBlueFox —. Eurofurence is one exception, admitting only those above 18. Underage attendees are usually given a distinctive badge to allow staff and dealers to restrict access to mature content. Government-issued photo ID is usually required. Organization and staffing. Artists Alley at Anthrocon 2006. Furry conventions are usually run and staffed by volunteers, though venues may require certain activities. Eurofurence 14 Con Report - by Jumpy (jumpy@furry.de) Since I am on staff, at all the past Eurofurences I have had a somewhat different perspective on things. For me, Eurofurence had always been a blur of running around trying to fix things before the attendees even noticed anything, and squeezing in the events that I was involved with. This year the workload at my job left me with very little.

Check out the schedule for Eurofurence 17. Magdeburg, Germany - See the full schedule of events happening Aug 17 - 21, 2011 and explore the directory of Panelists & Attendees. Sched.com Conference Mobile Apps. Eurofurence 17 has ended Create Your Own Event. Menu. Schedule; Panelists; Staff; Attendees; Search; Log in Sign up. Eurofurence 17. Schedule. Simple; Expanded; Grid; By Venue; Panelists. The obvious answer is that Inuki was extremely butthurt because the cub porn magazine Softpaw Magazine was banned from Eurofurence; she herself had drawn a shitty comic for this magazine and obviously wanted to make millions off of mindless furfags by selling it at this con, and so attempted an act of revenge to piss down the backs of the con staff, but it ended up backfiring in the end

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  1. Furry ist der Sammelbegriff für eine internationale Subkultur, die an anthropomorphen Tieren in Schrift, Bild und Ton interessiert ist. Dies reicht vom typischen Werwolf bis hin zu tierischen Cartoon- und Comicfiguren. Die meisten Mitglieder der Subkultur stammen aus den USA, Japan, Großbritannien und Deutschland. Das Wort furry wird im Sprachgebrauch sowohl als Substantiv als auch als Adjektiv gebraucht. Fans bezeichnen sich auch selbst als Furries, Furs oder Furry Fans
  2. Las Vegas Comic Expo 2012 [Staff] Further Confusion 2013 [Attending] Biggest Little Fur Con 2013 [Patron] Elliot's Spring Gathering 2013 [Advanced] Califur 2013 [Sponsor] RainFurrest 2013 [Patron] Midwest FurFest 2013 [Patron] Further Confusion 2014 [Patron] Biggest Little Fur Con 2014 [Patron] Elliot's Spring Gathering 2014 [Advanced
  3. Staff; Contact; Previous Years. 2013; Photo Gallery; Forum; NordicFuzzCon. 27th February - 2nd March, 2014. Quality Hotel Winn Haninge in Stockholm, Sweden . A steampunk murder mystery. Announcing Theme, Date and Location, NFC 2015! Posted: 2014-03-18 21:44. Author: Sayh. First off, a very big THANK YOU to everyone who came to NordicFuzzCon this year! It was a blast!! Having read over some of.

Eurofurence 22 was the 22nd annual Eurofurence furry convention. It took place over August 17-21, 2016, at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin, Germany, with 2573 attendees. The convention's theme was be Back.. According to the nose counter , Eurofurence 17 has reached 973 attendants that's exactly the door count from last year. Given that the convention is still more than five months away, this figure WILL increase by quite a bit still. Interestingly, there's only 29 attendants from the USA Eurofurence hence wins the award for the most utterly classy (and utterly imaginative) greeting for a guest of honor, and it will take a lot of work for anyone ever to top it! Of course, it was at this point that I learned that the FIA had me on their Most Wanted List for being in league with certain unlawful ferrets, and that this whole scheme had been concocted as a ruse to arrest me At Dinner I met more of the Eurofurence staff: Bluepanther (artshow) and SomeWolf (Chief Improviser- who told me where to find hiking trails nearby) and the ex-patriot Brit who lives in Switzerland now (whose name I -cannot- remember, despite hanging out with him all weekend! Bad me!). I had vowed not to hide out in my hotel room watching tv, so I went down later that evening and took a walk. I am deeply thankful to Dhary and JasonBlake and of course the rest of the Eurofurence staff, for allowing me such an opportunity. The Artshow also went great as I managed to sell every work I had brought Eurofurence Artshow pieces! by nlorier. Shit happens by HyenaCream. Family Portrait Teaser by wolfgryph 'Warning' and 'Roar' by HyenaCream. Brockenstube by Blue_Panther. Badge Gift - Eldnsay by wolfgryph. Badge Trade - Grinse by wolfgryph. Wolf Clock by HyenaCream. EF24 Photo 19 by Mazrogal. Soooo many Tigers! by Draco Agamicu

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Staff at eurofurence. My flist: http://www.f-list.net/c/zefiro (not updated in a decade) https://ko-fi.com/zefiro You can best contact me on Telegram as ZefiroDrago This year i've managed to film eurofurence using my 35mm equipment. Due to my staff operations during the con, there wasn't sufficient time to get more Due to my staff operations during the con, there wasn't sufficient time to get mor We regret very much that our reception and breakfast staff left you with an unfriendly impression. We can assure you that this is not our standard level of service, and we have addressed the issue internally. It is a common practice to use a credit card both as guarantee and deposit, and this is customary for all guests regardless of country of origin or background. In light of this, we feel the suggestion that this was racially motivated is ill-founded. With a team of employees. Eurofurence e. V. Der Host Europas größter Furry Convention, der Eurofurence in Berlin! Ein großer Teil des Teams ist selbst auf der EF als Staff oder Director tätig, weshalb wir uns zu unserem großen Bruder sehr verbunden fühlen. Wir sind zudem ein Teil des Banner-Exchange-Programms. Homepage . Vielen Dank an..... unseren Staff, für seinen unermüdlichen Einsatz und Engagement. Eurofurence 4 took place at the youth hostel Ferme de Jean in Heeze, The Netherlands, and it drew about 80 attendees. By today's standards, we wouldn't have called this a convention, but merely a small furry party. But if you look closely, you'll see a lot of familiar faces, and a lot of ideas in their amateurish infancy that were new back then, but are a solid part of today's furry convention culture

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Eurofurence . Eurofurence 12 bis 19 BerliCon . BerliCon 1 bis 3 BerliCon 4 und 5 - als Fursuitansprechpartner CesFur . CesFur 2008 CesFur 2009 bis 2010 - als Lichttechniker CesFur 2011 bis 2013 - als Stage Staff Silvester im Königreich Kettwig . Silvester 2005 Cologne Furdanc After just a few rehearsals the very first LSD show ever was presented to the furry audience in August 2000, on Eurofurence 6. It was a blast, and both the puppeteers and the audience had a lot of fun that night. Who runs LSD? The core pawpeteer staff of the LSD show are: Fairlight Eisfuchs Lynard Redlouts Which puppets are there Vor Kurzem verkündete der Eurofurence 22 Staff wer dieses Jahr zu den offiziellen Ehrengästen zählen wird. Hierbei handelt es sich um Dorothy Hearst, bekanntgeworden durch ihre literarischen Werke, in denen Tiere, insbesondere Wölfe, eine tragende Rolle innehaben. Zu ihren bekanntesten Titeln zählen hierbei Promise of the Wolves, Secret of the Wolves und Spirit of the.

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  1. Eurofurence 24 meme by Loxy_Bunny. this was eurofurence 23 by Schiraki. At Eurofurence by RealZero. Meet me at Eurofurence by Schiraki. Eurofurence 23 meme by Loxy_Bunny. Conventions in 2017 ( EF, Animus ) by Sakke. Home by Nwar. I want back to the eurofurence (right now) by Schiraki. See you at Eurofurence! Workshop on saturda
  2. Eurofurence panel room sign. by Kisu. Eurofurence artshow sign. by Kisu. Eurofurence staff only sign. by Kisu. Eurofurence Reception desk. by Kisu. Chili Simba label. by Kisu. Finfur SummerCamp badge pics. by Kisu. Xmas card thingy. by Kisu. Zilvus fursuit refsheet. by Kisu. Griseus EF lottery price. by Kisu. Nala :P. by Kisu. Snowleopard.
  3. After your registration was approved by our staff there's nothing else for you to do, your payment is not required until the 25th of March. After that time, you have 14 days to pay your fee in the Eurofurence Reg System. The VIP upgrade is our name for the good old sponsor upgrade. With this upgrade you not only get special goodies, but you also support us so that we can make it the best party ever! The upgrade is not limited to a maximum amount and can always be bought later in the user.

Estrel Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 11K likes · 17 talking about this · 95,401 were here. Estrel Berlin, Europas größtes Hotel-, Congress- & Entertainment-Center The Eurofurence Department of Puppetry gives a detailed view of how a Eurofurence Pawpetshow like Keepers of the Light is created - showing you the different Anatomy of a Pawpetshow on Vimeo Joi I would have to give Estrel staff and the Convention staff top notch score i never had any issues with my stay entire week. From monday to sunday it was a very pleasant stay and i do hope to return next year for Eurofurence 26! ^^ Date of stay: August 2019. Room tip: Room in Wing 1 at floor 8 where i stayed was comfy and quiet entire week . Value. Rooms. Service. Ask Mazrogal about Estrel. Eurofurence 21 ⚜ Ponch by Foxfluff. Eurofurence 21 ⚜ Gumdrop by Foxfluff. Eurofurence 21 ⚜ Kajoken & Shanie by Foxfluff. Eurofurence 21 ⚜ Spot & Defus by Foxfluff. Eurofurence 21 ⚜ Hyena riding by Foxfluff. Eurofurence 21 ⚜ Waffles & LeafFox by Foxfluff. Eurofurence 21 ⚜ Clawren by Foxfluf

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  1. Eurofurence 2015 : Balto & Vahnilla by Vector. Balto Inflatable by KotetsuRexen. smol sketchdump by gabrielgray. Steele by BlackAdder. Some Sticker Sets by PureRubyDragon. Steele Telegram Sticker Set by Paper-Wings. 2009 Baltra by gard3r. Eurofurence 2015 : Balto by Vector. Buck - by Autumn Sunrise by Bagheer
  2. Eurofurence. Not much to see for me as it was mostly work both as staff and dealer. I made some 2D photos on Picasa/Google+ . Posted in Photos | Tagged Eurofurence | Leave a reply 2018-06-06 Mad Scientists Party with Zefiro. Posted on 2018-06-06 by suran. Reply. Had a great party. Lots of food, good company, lots of fun with lab coats and portal guns, laser tubes and cool vintage electronics.
  3. Finnfox at Eurofurence 19 by Loke_snowpaw. Aurum at Eurofurence 19 by Loke_snowpaw. Jade & Skarpen at Eurofurence 19 by Loke_snowpaw. Joon at Eurofurence 19 - II by Loke_snowpaw. Joon at Eurofurence 19 - I by Loke_snowpaw. Fluffy Draco at Eurofurence 19 by Loke_snowpaw. Solstice at Eurofurence 19 by Loke_snowpa

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Thanks to Eurofurence and Estrel staff for the services, and the help received while in the lounge. Thanks to Fox Amoore and Uncle Kage, I had the pleasure to met you once despite my shyness (thanks to Drachetto for this step :P) This song keep saying Alegria and actually I stopped to cry. It feels like it wasn't my first EF, like i'm missing something that I cannot have. Alegria. In the end. The Eurofurence Pawpet Show is a non-profit orientated group performing an annually live puppet play with an audience of more than 1600 people per show. The team consist of 40 staff and about 30 temporary volunteers, which are supplied and coordinated by the product manager team. At this date the group produced 19 Shows and 6 original soundtracks. Tutor Tutor Stiftung Pfennigparade Jun 2011. Eurofurence e.V. as the host of the convention cannot be held responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen goods or money, and it is entirely up to you to take reasonable precautions yourself. A bear in a figure-hugging outfit struts around at Eurofurence while a cat in a tutu and stockings walks past Ms Gerbasi, 65, argues that most people are interested in animals from a young age ; Recorded. I Took Control of a Streamers PC.. while he was Live... w/ Doni Bobes - Minecraft PESERVER IP: PLAY.SKYBLOCKNETWORK.COMLynix: https://www.youtube.com/channel..

Eurofurence 22 Guest of Honor steht fest. 27. April 2016 27. April 2016 Kommentar hinterlassen. Vor Kurzem verkündete der Eurofurence 22 Staff wer dieses Jahr zu den offiziellen Ehrengästen zählen wird. Hierbei handelt es sich um Dorothy Hearst, bekanntgeworden durch ihre literarischen Werke, in denen Tiere, insbesondere Wölfe, eine tragende Rolle innehaben. Zu ihren bekanntesten Titeln. H&W staff run onto the scene with flashlights, creating a surreal scene of flickering light beams in the dark SND 0205 (cont.) - Alarm Sirens from the airship SND 0205 (cont.) - Loudspeaker: We are under attack. Prepare for immediate takeoff. All crew on board. I repeat, we are under attack. Prepare for immediate takeoff. Cal: Shine some torches over here, I need some goddamn light! Two.

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  1. Fortunately, this year's Eurofurence was much better, at least for me, than it was in 2010. They had made a number of improvements which comes with experience of them now being there their third year. The most notable improvement I only realised when the convention had ended and the hotel staff were returning the hotel to normal which was the large round tables at the back end of the atrium.
  2. Eurofurence 4 (Bezoeker) Eurofurence 5 (Bezoeker) Eurofurence 7 (Staff) Eurofurence 8 (Staff) Eurofurence 10 (Staff) Eurofurence 11 (Staff) Eurofurence 12 (Staff) Eurofurence 14 (Staff) Eurofurence 15 (Staff) RBW 2007 (Bezoeker) RBW 2008 (Bezoeker) Sylcon (2 keer als bezoeker) TreeCon (2 keer als organisator) External links . Sjabloon:Contributo
  3. East Carolina football staff were only getting close to building the team's depth chart at the end of August when a 12-day pause made things difficult. Th
  4. SoFurry - The furry creative home. Welcome to SoFurry! Login currently only available to authorized staff member

[FONT] Eurofurence Bold. 3 posts • Page 1 of 1. Mark Chairman Posts: 3735 Joined: Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:12 pm Has thanked: 411 times Been thanked: 388 times [FONT] Eurofurence Bold . Post by Mark » Fri Feb 07, 2020 4:12 pm. Title Eurofurence Bold. Category Font. Created By Dermotron. Description One of several fonts sourced by Dermotron and made available to download for your version of. EuroFurence 17. Conventions and such. Moderators: Artist, Moderator. 26 posts Previous; 1; 2; Re: EuroFurence 17 . Post by none » Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:01 pm . After such a vacation, I need vacation to relax from vacation. Was nice to meet you Canis Rufus, albeit briefly . Top. Re: EuroFurence 17. Post by none » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:31 pm . Sounds like Canis had a good time. Hopefully you did. Eurofurence (commonly abbreviated EF) is a furry convention held in changing places in Europe every year (in Berlin, Germany since 2014 and will remain there for the time being). It was originally started in 1995 as a private gathering by nineteen European furry fans who met on the Internet. Attendance has been steadily rising since then, to 2804 at Eurofurence 23 (held in 2017), making it the. active Staff-Member of eurofurence leading the TeleCommunications Department active Staff-Member of bayern-furs leading the Video-Streaming Department. Featured Submission. MeraLuna 2008 godlike Simone Simons from Epica . View Gallery. Gallery. カラカル のうどん / Caracal Noodles :) uploaded: 2 months ago. View Favorites. Favorites. Less flowers, more arrows! by FOX-POP, faved: 2 days.

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@Newsweek Needless to say, alt furries and similar groups aren't welcome at our event. Attendees wearing their insignia will be asked to remove them immediately. Those showing symbols forbidden by German law will be escorted from the premises and reported to the police. 3/3 ^o EUROFURENCE 2020 EUROFURENCE 2020 Currently, our admin staff has yet to attend EuroFurence, but we do our best to use our telegram chat (and now by extension this webpage) to raise awareness of a time that hoofers can get together for a photo at the con! We will do our best to update this section as promptly as we can when we know what time this is happening, however it is usually short notice.

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Eurofurence 2002 - How to make a Duct Tape Dummy Eurofurence 2005 - Costume Making Eurofurence 2006 - Costume Building on Cheap way Eurofurence 2007 - Costime Building (Co-Moderator) Eurofurence 2007 - Dealers Den - Fursuit Materials RBW 2008 - Funny stories about a Mascot Business Oranisatorische Verdinste: Co-Chairman - H-Con einer Furry Convention sie seit 2005 existiert Staff RBW/London. Gordon Ramsay pranks drive-through staff with toastie order but fans angry at food waste. A number of tweets predicted that Gordon is one of the stars competing on Fox's The Masked Singer, which. Eurofurence 2019 - Estrel Berlin. Europe ; Germany ; Berlin ; Berlin Hotels ; Estrel Berlin; Search. Estrel Berlin. Estrel Berlin. Lowest prices for your stay. Check In — / — / — Check Out — / — / — Guests — $101. View deal. $103. View deal. Free cancellation until 04/25/21. Reserve now, pay at stay. $167. $76. View deal. SAVE $91. Free cancellation until 04/23/21. eDreams $103. Artshow staff in 2003; How I Decide What Cons to Work. Often this is done on the basis of referrals-if I think a con is interesting/cool, there's a chance I'll know someone who is on staff and inquire through them what the staff experience is like. If I receive positive answers, I'll inquire about joining staff

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I've made this one at Eurofurence 21 in the Artist Lounge ^w^ Just wabted to do a silly transformation themed bagde for myself :3 a plant-fox and a deer-dragon due to a witch's staff and a unique flower. Dragon Oaktree by Teamtamas 5340 views, 33 favorites, 0 comments That was one of plant TF bunch. I love this theme <3 More different Tf on our patreon here --->> https://www.patreon.com. Comments are moderated: Please review the Commenting Rules.. Comments that don't meet our rules will not be posted.. If your post is resolved: Contact one (1) member of staff or leave a comment, and we'll update your post! If you are the bewaree: Review I've been posted to Artists Beware, now what?. If a beware needs a tag update: Post a comment

ВКонтакте - универсальное средство для общения и поиска друзей и одноклассников, которым ежедневно пользуются десятки миллионов человек. Мы хотим, чтобы друзья, однокурсники, одноклассники, соседи и коллеги всегда. As a guest you benefit from fair prices, certified cleanliness and the friendly and helpful service provided by our staff. Guests can prepare themselves for a strenuous day in Berlin's city centre with the generous breakfast buffet in our conservatory restaurant, which is flooded with daylight. Meetings and conferences for business travellers . Our Centro Park Hotel in the Neukölln district. Fursuiters at Anthrocon 2019. So, you want to start a furry convention! Great! We'll never say no to a new event. And this is a topic I happen to know a little about, as I've been staffing/running conventions for 20 years now.(I'm old) Let's start with a few questions I'd like to throw out, the sort of questions every new convention organizer should ask themselve Furrie invasion: 2000 fans attended Eurofeurence in Berlin to celebrate their love of anthropomorphic animals. Furry fandom is a surprisingly little-known subculture, but where it is known, the.

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  1. Harlequin Rabbit | Bisexual | Male | German | Eurofurence Staff | Lead Scientist | casual gamer Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/maxthewolfie.
  2. Leider sind wir damit auch näher an der GalaCon, aber das ist eher eine Herausforderung für das Staff-Team: Nach der Con ist vor der Everfree. Kassel-Stammtisch • GalaCon • Everfree Encore • Derpyfest • Talentfreie Werke • Sphinx-Fanclub • Angel-Fanclub • Helfer-Fanclub • Ältestenrat • Pfandclub. Suchen Spoilers. Zitieren #8. 30.11.2019: Magic Twilight Doku-Pony. Beiträge.
  3. Staff at Anthrocon, Anthro New England, Midwest FurFest, Eurofurence.AWS, Splunk, Docker, DMARC, White Mage, he/him. Pandez. Con Chair 2020, IndyFurCon. Olefin. Director of Operations, Furnal Equinox. Director of Operations at Furnal Equinox, AV staff at Midwest FurFest, mad scientist and apologetic Canadian. Saturday December 7, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm CST Hyatt - Rosemont Ballroom A/B Fandom.
  4. More than 2,500 people have gathered in Berlin for Eurofurence, a convention for furries - lovers of anthropomorphic cartoon animals. Many of those attending Europe's largest furry convention wear life-sized fantasy animal costumes, while others are fans of those who wear fursuits. Members of the furry fandom often create their own fursona - an animal character

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Estrel Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 11K likes · 28 talking about this · 95,184 were here. Estrel Berlin, Europas größtes Hotel-, Congress- & Entertainment-Center

Eurofurence 2016 : Furnace — WeasylEurofurence 2016 : Kokanee — WeasylEurofurence 2017 : Barbie&#39;Q&#39;Foxtail — Weasyl
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